7 Health Benefits of Using Water Purifiers in Udaipur

7 Health Benefits of Using Water Purifiers in Udaipur

Well, if you recall the science lessons from school, you will see that 70% of human body is made up from water. That is the main reason why all our space exploration operations are centered around discovery of water, because ‘water is life’ indeed.

Drinking water is healthy for our physical and mental well-being. Water controls many of our body’s functions and not drinking water or drinking contaminated, polluted water can lead to health problems.

But, since environmental pollution is at its peak nowadays, one cannot be sure of the purity of water supplied through the municipal line. Thus, RO water purifiers are becoming standard home appliance in homes and offices. RO water purifiers can eliminate over 99 % of organic and inorganic contaminations from tap water, making it safe for drinking.

If you are still wondering about getting a water purifier and the health benefits you can enjoy, we have compiled a list of advantages to help you out. Here are the 7 health benefits of drinking pure water, regularly.

  1. Drinking more water will develop your digestion by easing the movement of food through the intestines.
  2. Drinking plenty of water will moisturise your skin from the inside, keeping it healthy and glowing.
  3. Drinking water also helps in preserving the pH balance in our body.
  4. Some studies advocate that drinking more water can help with weight loss.
  5. Increased water intake is also healthy for the kidneys and may reduce the chances of getting kidney stones.
  6. Water also improves fatigue by energising the cells with nutrition from the food we consume.
  7. Water also provides energy to the brain by enabling more electrolytes to travel through the body.

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5 Things That Keep Your RO Water Purifier Efficient

5 Things That Keep Your RO Water Purifier Effective

RO (Reverse osmosis) is at present the best water purification process available for overall consumers. RO uses on the scientific principle of osmosis, reversing it through a mechanical process. In this blog, we are sharing tips on how to maintain your RO water purifier to keep it effective.

1. Change the RO filters on time:

Ignoring a product’s service and maintenance cycles results in loss of performance over time. Modern water purifiers have up to 8-stage filtration and the filters have a specified life. These filters must to be changed on time to keep the RO running at full efficiency. Here is a simple guide for replacing the most common water purifiers filters found in home and office.

  1. A pre-filter which is used to eliminate large sand and sediment particles prevents the RO membrane inside the main RO unit from getting damaged. It must be replaced every 6 to 9 months to ensure maximum performance.
  2. The carbon filter which is used for eliminating odour and chlorine content from the water should also be replaced every 6 months. If the water supply is comparatively clean, the carbon filter can last up to 9 months as well.
  3. The RO membrane eliminates residual sediments and other dissolved solids from the water filtered by the pre-filter and the carbon filter. The membrane has comparatively longer life and needs to be replaced after 2 years.


2. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Apart from changing the RO filters, the unit should be cleaned by experts periodically. Sanitization of the interiors will confirm that the water storage tanks and the inlets and outlets remain free from insect infestations and other bacterial growths which could occur in warm and humid climates.

3. Installing a Water Softener:

If your home or office area has a hard water problem, installing an RO water softener is recommended. Water softeners protect your RO membrane from hard water elements like calcium and magnesium. Installing a water softener will require expert help and plumbing work.

4. Keeping the Surroundings Clean:

It is not just the interiors of the RO purifier that essential to be cleaned periodically. For effective functioning and reducing the risk of water contamination, you should also maintain hygiene around the main unit. Since maximum water purifiers are used in Kitchens and pantries, there is a high chance of grease accumulating on and around the tap area. Frequently cleaning the tap will prevent bacterial and viral elements from water.

We hope this blog was helpful for you. If you are looking for RO water purifier maintenance and service of your water purifier, you can visit us at www.reliableservices.online or contact at: +91-9414233880 / 9314233880.


Alkaline Water

How Alkaline Water Helps Our Body?

In the fast- growing world, Good health has become a primary concern for everybody. What we eat and drink? It’s directly impact on our lifestyle. Drinking water is something that we ignore most of the times and drinking contaminated or acidic water work as a slow poison to our body. According to many scientific studies, the water from a regular RO water purifier purifies the water but also kills all the essential minerals from the water, which makes it acidic, which is very dangerous to the body.
In order to fight with this problem, there have been lots of study work has been put in and the specialists have come up with the solution of Alkaline Water. The alkaline water delivers several advantages that can improve your overall health. Alkaline water is nothing but water with high pH- higher than the ordinary drinking water.

We are discussing here some major advantages of drinking alkaline water:

1. Weight loss: Alkaline water can help the body to eliminate the toxic stored fatty acids of our body. Drinking water naturally suppresses the appetite and helps in body metabolism. If you drink cold alkaline water, your body will burn extra calories to warm it up.

2. Improve Immune System: Drinking alkaline water will directly impact your immune system in a most positive way. This is the natural outcome of neutralizing the free radicals and helping to clean our body toxins and is one of the important benefits of drinking alkaline water.

3. Improve Muscle function: A well hydrated body will use water to lubricate its joints. Drinking proper amount of alkaline water helps to prevent muscle cramp while you exercise. Alkalinity in the body helps to resist lactic acid build up in the muscles. So automatically it will improve your muscle strength and functioning.

4. Powerful Antioxidant: If you avoid your immune system, it can lead to infection and different types of diseases. Anti-oxidants eliminates the free radicals that are liable for the many disease. Alkaline water also works as anti-oxidant and automatically it will benefit our body to fight diseases and make us healthy.

5. Help in Cancer: Everybody knows that Cancer is a deadly disease and still, we are not able to treatment this disease completely. But the remarkable fact is that alkaline water is also connected with the treatment of cancer. In simple terms, if we talk about Cancer, cancer cells do not live in an environment with a neutral pH level. It only survives in an acidic environment. Alkaline water is helpful because it keeps the acid in the body neutral. For a healthy body, a pH level of 7.0 to 7.2 should be maintained and drinking alkaline water does this thing and helps you to maintain these levels. It also stops the growth of cancer cells and is one of the important benefits of drinking alkaline water.

How to Choose a Water Purifier Dealer in Udaipur

why I should buy a water purifier?

Drinking impure water is the leading source of sorrow and increasing epidemic diseases in several countries around the world. In India, the condition is more dangerous to speak. What’s making the future danger even more grievous is the presence of more than 2000 known drinking water contaminants that might be lurking somewhere in the droplets of abundantly flowing tap water in our homes. And no, drinking packaged bottled water is not a viable alternative to tap water either. The only alternative to consume pure, contaminant-free drinking water is via the use of a comprehensive water filtration system. Water filters are preferred by millions of people the world over because they provide better quality of tasty and great smelling drinking water due to their innate ability to remove chlorine and other bacterial contaminants, thus preventing harmful substances from entering the body. Down below is a low down on some noteworthy underlying benefits that come with the usage of water purifiers. Purified water is the key to maintain healthy life, stay fit and healthy.

#1. Good for your Health

Human body is made by of over 80% of water, so water is the pivot around which our overall health and well-being revolves. Water purifier’s guarantee that you drinking only pure and safe water that is bereft of pollutants and not ridden with any contaminations. Hence, they can be considered our best friends that help us stay hale and hearty throughout our lives.

#2. Environmental Advantages

An average 65% of plastic bottles containing ‘pure water’ wound up as waste filling up land every year. Not to mention the percentage of carbon emissions used to transport the bottles across the world. So, the next time you are drinking water purified from genuine water purification systems, be grateful that you are helping the environment around you.

#3. Alzheimer’s Slayers

Huge presence of aluminum in drinking water has at times been linked with Alzheimer’s disease. Study advises that once ingested, aluminum is the toughest element to excrete and might even seep into your brain. Thus, to protect yourself against this dangerous predicament, it is imperative on your part to install state-of-the-art water purifier systems in your home.

#4. Save money

How many times will you dish out money to purchase bottled water for your entire family? It is a silly approach especially when you have the availability of attractive water purification systems. Why waste money and time trying to lug bottles of water from grocery stores? A single water purifier in the confines of your home can help you save huge amounts of money letting you enjoy purified water.

#5. Prevent from the risk of Cancer, Heart attack and Birth Defects

During water treatment, chlorine is added in our drinking water to tackle harmful chemicals and bacteria, but it has been directly linked to foster numerous types of cancer as well as breathing and heart problems.

#6. Remove plumbing drawbacks

Once the tap water leaves a water treatment plant, it travels through a vast number of old and corroded pipelines spread over hundreds of kilometers, which are full of slime and other sticky elements. This can awfully alter the purity of water that we will be consuming as end users. So, water purifiers have become a necessity to purify running tap water that is being delivered to us by our service providers.

#7. Fresh drinks and food

After the installation of a water purification system at your home, you can have direct and easy access to the supply of fresh water which can be used for a plethora of purposes that not only entail drinking water, but washing fruits vegetables, cooking, preparing tea and coffee, watering plants, etc. too. The list of options at your disposal once you acquire a water purifier is just endless.

#8.  Protection against bacteria

Whenever you purify your tap water with RO or UV water purifiers you can rest assured knowing that you are consuming tested water that certainly doesn’t contain strains of harmful disinfectants or E. Coli Bacteria, Cysts and other substances. These nasty parasites can cause Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, incessant vomiting, bouts of fever, to name a few diseases. Modern water purifiers have the capability to effectively remove a massive percentage of chemicals and metals like Zinc, aluminum, mercury, lead and copper which can be easily found in drinking water.

#9. Save Time

Managing precious time in these fast-paced modern times has become such an integral part of our lives that we can’t just overlook it. So, instead of boiling water, and using slow water filtration jugs, you should rather invest your time in installing a water purifier to lead a healthy life.

Always purchase branded Water purifiers that best fit into all your needs. If you ever get stuck on buying the right kind of water purifier, you can find solace in many online portals that empower you to wisely choose from different varieties of genuine water purification systems.

RO Water Purifier service center in udaipur

RO Water Purifier Service Center in Udaipur: Get In Touch With It

Nowadays the drinking pure and safe water is necessary for you and your family health because pure and safe water not only help your body parts such as brain function, digestion & etc. But also improves the immune system of human body. A healthy immune system is important for living a healthy life because a healthy immune system is to keep you from many types of illnesses hence it is helpful for your kids. For the more info about the benefits of drinking water call or contact at RO water purifier service number +91-9314233880 / 9414233880 and ask them for the water purifier installation.

A RO water purifier is essential part for living a healthy life because it treats the impure water and delivers safe & pure drinking water. Thus water purifier helps you to get rid of all types of contaminants present in the water. For the installation of a water purifier in udaipur, you can call at RO water purifier helpline number or generate query from our website.

The water purifier is planned with using many types of techniques such as RO, i.e., reverse osmosis and UV, i.e., Ultra-violate, so it supplies the maximum possible pure and healthy drinking water. You can faith the quality of the water produced by an RO water purifier because in this water purifier your regular used water gone through the numerous water purification stages.

Why Should You Install Water Purifier?

It’s a very general question asked by people why should we install a water purifier at our place? And the very simple answer to it is that the drinking of contaminated water can cause many types of disease in you. As per the WHO (World Health Organization) report every year more than 3 million people dies due to drinking of contaminated water in which the population of the child is more. The death caused by the polluted water can be reduced by using a purification system hence install a water purifier at your home.

Service Provided By RO Water Purifier Service Center in Udaipur

Reliable Services offers you all kind of water purifier services in Udaipur such as RO installation, repair, and AMC maintenance service. If you are searching for the water purifier services such as installation, regular replacement, and maintenance, then selects water purifier service center as your water purifier services provider in udaipur. An RO water filter service is available at very reasonable charge for the entire consumer in udaipur.

The Reliable Services also provides you regular maintenance and repair services of the water purifier along with the many types of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) plans. Proper maintenance of your water purifier improves the life of your water purifier, and it also guarantees that you obtain pure and safe water on your demand.

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Benefits of UV Lamp in the Storage Tank of RO Water Purifiers

Benefits of UV Lamp in the Storage Tank of RO Water Purifiers


A well-equipped house has all safety measures. Safe drinking water, clean air, dirt-free environment are the basic necessities that make a house ready to live in. For safe drinking water, an RO purifier is installed in every home.  Water pollution is increasing considerably and is the major cause of unsafe drinking water supplied at homes.  A very renowned brand such as KENT is making ample of effort to upgrade the water purifiers. The latest technology allows a remarkable change in the working of a new range of Next Gen RO water purifiers. We are here trying over the years to leave no stone unturned to find the best solutions to drinking water problems.

Latest Technology in RO Water Purifier

KENT is a house of innovation when it comes to some latest technology to make water completely safe for consumption. Our new water purifiers are built to ensure that you drink 100% safe water. Our designs are well equipped with some operational innovations like the use of multistage purification process. The Next Gen RO water purifiers have RO+UV+UF+TDS Control+ UV in-tank. The add-on feature is a digital display panel. The digital display will enable the user to know the condition of the filter. Other information that is displayed includes UF failure, Low RO Flow and Mineral content in purified water. The water wastage reduction feature is entirely new to these water purifiers. Most of the RO purifiers waste 80% water which goes unused in the drains. These KENT Next Gen all-new Save Water Technology water purifiers will recover up to 50% of water as purified. The impure water is then stored in a separate tank which can be later used possibly to water the garden plants or other purposes.

Benefits of UV Lamp in RO Water Purifier

Another feature is the presence of in-tank UV lamp. This is an all-new addition in the RO water purifiers on today’s generation. KENT Next Gen RO is here with another revolutionary change which will challenge other purifiers for their purity and performance.  The in-tank UV lamp will be of great help, especially in areas that face a lot of power cut.  It is seen that some insects may crawl into the storage tank when the water is stored for a long time in the tank.  To solve that situation, we empty the storage tank first and fill it again. The UV lamp in the tank kills any microorganisms present in the stored water. This way the stored water is clean and safe for consumption. As a result, even if you are on a short vacation you don’t need to empty the storage tank.

It is a definite buy option

KENT Next Gen RO purifiers provide you with 100% safe water. In addition, it ensures that the stored water is also free of contaminants. These unique features make it a must buy as everyone looks for some added advantage while choosing water purifiers.  The Next-Gen RO purifiers from KENT are your best bet.


KENT’s Next Gen Water Purifiers

KENT’s Next Gen Water Purifiers


Home appliance that you will see in almost every home is a water purifier. In adding to the innovative technologies used, almost all the water purifiers come with a storage tank that diverse in capacity. Common electricity cuts and lack of water in some of the places are some of the causes why storing water is not an option but a requirement. However, a question that many people have is whether it is safe to drink water that has been stored for a particular time? Taking into consideration this aspect, KENT has presented an advanced range of water purifiers that use in-tank UV disinfection to keep the stored water free of impurities. The blog elaborates the right method to store water and how KENT’s Next Gen Water purifiers make it safe to store water for long time period.

The Right way to Store Water

Storing water in a hygienic way make sure that the water is safe to drink. The thumb rule is to store water in a safe and clean, food-grade plastic container to keep it fit for drinking. In addition, there are several factors that you must to consider to determine whether the stored water is safe for consume. Here are some of the elements that can have an effect on the quality of stored water.

Purification Process

Purifying water is a necessity before storing it. Water that has been purified using a combination of technologies keeps it safe & pure to drink and store. KENT’s NextGen Water Purifiers use a multistage purification procedure of RO+UF+UV to eliminate dissolved contaminations before storage. The purification processes eliminate bacteria and any other chemicals present in water to make it suitable for drinking. Many water purifiers also come with a digital display which comes with a water quality indicator, RO flow indicator and filter life for the convenience of the users.

Means of Storage

The safest way to store water is to use a purifier with a storage tank made of ABS plastic. The food grade plastic confirms that water is free of dangerous chemicals present in plastic bottles. What makes the KENT Next Gen water purifiers different is the in-tank UV disinfection technology. The UV light cleans the stored water at regular intervals so that there is no microbial growth in the stored water. So, even if you are on a short holiday and there’s stored water, you don’t need to take the load of cleaning the water storage tank to get pure drink water.

Temperature and Light

Many of us are unaware of the point that temperature and light can also disturb the quality of stored water. As warm temperatures and light create a safe place for bacterial growth, it is practical to avoid storing water in warm and well-lit spaces. The service experts from KENT guarantee that water purifier is installed in an area that is away from direct sunlight so that the stored water doesn’t offer a favorable temperature for microbial growth.


Starting from electricity cuts, ease of use to a shortage of water, there are a lot of causes we need to store water. Still, if you are nervous about the quality of stored water, KENT Next Gen Water Purifiers are an ideal option available. Or you can call +91-94142333880 for our service executive for better knowledge.

water softeners

3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Buy A Water Softener Online

Mistake 1: Not knowing the water condition

Those lengthy product descriptions underneath each water softener available online may not give you the guarantee of safe water unless they are specific to your needs. A water softener company should inspect the specific needs of your home before they offer you any product. Water you use every day may contain dissolved chemical impurities including magnesium and calcium in more than required amount. The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and water flow should also be considered when you choose to buy a water softener online.

Mistake 2: Not knowing the cleaning methods

There are many water softeners available in the market, but what many companies tell you is that “cleaning is easy”. It’s a sad truth that many companies do not emphasize on giving you accurate idea on how to clean the product and when you buy such products, you have no other option than paying someone to get the vessels cleaned.

Fortunately, there are product lines including Blue Mount’s Harmony water softeners that enable users to clean their water softener at zero cost. The product as you can see only needs normal salt water for cleaning. It is completely safe and doesn’t require any expertise. All you need to do is to prepare a solution of water and salt and pour it in the vessel through the cleaning kit. Not all the water softeners available in the market can give you this kind of ease of access, so make sure you choose only the smart ones.

Mistake 3: Not knowing the softening techniques

When you buy a water softener online or offline, all you want to do is to ensure safety of your loved ones. But here comes the catch. There are products available in the market exposing users to the dangers of harmful chemicals. On one side, they convert hard water into soft water, but on the other hand, they cause more harm than good by adding harmful chemicals to your water.

A reliable water softener is the one that softens the water by using food-grade material only. The safest way to do so is using ion-exchange method through resin beads. The food-grade material keeps you protected from any damage to your health and it is tested under several conditions in lab. So, make sure you don’t make this mistake and buy a water softener that treats your water with safe material only.

Bottom Line:

You’d be surprised how many families fall into these traps. Avoiding these mistakes is a effective and simple way to buy the best water softener in India.

water solution, water purifier, water softeners, RO Water purifiers

The Perfect Water Solution For Your Home and Office

The Perfect Water Solution For Your Home and Office

You have likely heard the term “hard water” and thought zero of it. It’s something people across India deal with, but few do anything about.

By definition, hard water is water that contains a huge amount of mineral and another content. This usually occurs after the water passes through deposits of sandstone and chalk. Then the water becomes filled with magnesium and calcium carbonates.

But hard water is not the only concern families have to worry about today. There’s also the fact that faucet water contains lead, chlorine, and a variety of other toxins that can harm you after a while.

If you are on the prowl for better water, then it’s a excellent idea to invest in a water system for your home. There are several options available.

Let’s review them, so you can make a great decision on which will supply better water for your home.

Water Softeners vs Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Now, there’s a lot of gossip about hard water and water softeners. But there’s also mention of reverse osmosis (RO) systems, both of which can be installed in your home.

The two are growing in popularity now days, so it’s essential to know the difference between the two.

Reverse Osmosis = Filtration

One way to look at reverse osmosis (RO) is as a filtration system. It’s installed in properties with public water. Many homeowners choose for this because they’re looking for better water that is healthier and tastes great.

With the reverse osmosis system, the minerals and contaminants in the water are eliminated using a filter. You can have this installed for your complete house, filtering all the water.

Water Softeners = Conditioning

Unlike the reverse osmosis system, water softeners use a process called ionization. This removes calcium and magnesium ions and change them with potassium or sodium ions (or salt).

Hard water contains a big amount of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Replacing these makes the water less harsh to your skin and appliances.

How to Tell if You Need a Water Softener

There are a variety of warning signs you can watch for to determine if a water softener system’s necessary in your home. The indicators are easy to spot, and you may have already seen a number of them.

Let’s do a quick review.

Your Appliances Have Scale Buildup

You can spot scale buildup on just about everything, as well as your pots and pans, coffee pots and silverware.

If the scale is building upon these visible items, visualize what’s going on with your water supply pipes. This buildup can lead to plumbing clogs, making them less effective at passing through water. And fixing defective plumbing can be quite costly.

Scale or lime scale comes from calcium and magnesium bicarbonate. This is why you will see chalky white build up.

Your Skin and Hair Are Very Dry

It’s not unusual for folks bathing in hard water to have scratchy dry skin and hair. Your soap and shampoo can only eliminate but so much of the magnesium salts.

The leftover sits on your skin and hair, drying it out. The remains can also lead to irritation, making your skin dry and leathery. Your pores finally become blocked, which can lead to redness and blackheads.

Washing Clothes Leaves them Gray and Faded

Another telltale symptom of hard water is clothes and bed sheets that become faded a little too rapidly. They may also experience rough and hard due to the additional mineral content in the water used to wash them.

One method to overcome this issue is to get better water by a filtration system. This way, you can keep your clothes and bedding longer.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System?

Getting better water in your home is feasible when you have a reverse osmosis system installed inside. It comes with a lots of benefits that make it a great investment.

If you are considering installing one into your home, then you will get the following results.

Good Water Taste

One of the top benefits osmosis systems provides better water taste. If you have constantly tasted city water, you will notice a chemical smell and taste. This usually comes from the chlorination procedure municipal water districts use.

But not everyone’s taste buds are the same – some find the water tastes better when it goes through the system numerous times. That’s the great thing about the osmosis system – you can select how often you want the water to run through it.

Some think the water taste’s better when it runs through the system five or even seven times.

They’re Energy Efficient

These systems do a lot for your water filtration, but don’t need a lot of energy. This is especially true when you evaluate the reverse osmosis system to other similar systems.

The latest models have even better energy efficiency, thanks to the development of membrane materials and energy recovery devices.

They Take Up Little Space and Are Expandable

Some people select to have only their kitchen water filtered with the osmosis system. If they select to include their bathrooms later on, the system can be simply expanded.

This allows you to test out the system before committing to a full house installation.

Maintenance is a No-Brainer

You’d think that the maintenance of a reverse osmosis (RO) system would be not easy, but it’s not. In fact, you only have to change the filter every 6 months or so.

Of course, this depends on how much you use the system and how much contamination is in your water.

Save Money On Water

How great would it be to pour a glass of water from your kitchen sink? This means no more purchasing bottled water to drink.

The amount of money you save every year can be exciting, depending on how large your family is and how many bottles you typically go through.

What Are the Benefits of Water Softeners

About 70% of the Indian households (according to survey) have hard water. So the chances of you having it too is quite high. Yes, you can always have it tested to make sure.

If you test positive for hard water or you see some of the caution signs, then you could absolutely benefit from a water softener.

For example, you wll witness the following.

Easier to Clean Dishes

Once you installed water softener, you won’t have to concern about the nasty white spots, soap residue and streaks the minerals can leave behind.

Appliances Last Longer (And Your Plumbing)

The water used inside of your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and other appliances will last longer. The buildup caused by hard water can shorten the lifetime of these products.

And the same goes for your water pipes – these won’t suffer from clogs and break caused by the buildup.

Quicker Water Heating

So it seems it takes long time to heat up hard water compared to softened water. And if this is the case for your home, you can witness savings in your electricity bills.


Building a Better Water System

So which of the aforementioned water systems do you need to get to achieve better water for your home?

Well, the smart move would be to use all three. You can combine all two systems to get the best possible water for your family.

All work together to filter out minerals and soften your water. You can’t get water that’s any better than that.

At Home Water Systems, we have quality reverse osmosis and water softening products at reasonable prices. These systems are perfect whether you have well water or city water coursing through your pipes.

Contact us to get better water in your home today. A free water check is available, so you can test our filtration systems before committing.


RO Water Purifier Repair – Maintaining RO Water Purifier

RO Water Purifier Repair - Maintaining RO Water Purifier

RO (Reverse Osmosis) system uses a multi-stage filtration procedure to eliminate different types of impurities from water. The water purification system uses a thin membrane to eliminate salt, chemicals and impurities from water to make it pure for drink. The contaminated water passes through this thin membrane with very small-sized pores. The membrane weeds out minerals and micro-organisms present in water. An exit pipe flushes out the impurities. However, to make sure that you get pure and clean drinking water, you must maintain the water purifier. Without proper maintenance and care, the water purifier will not function well and you may end up drinking impure water. So, in this blog, we talk about a few tips that will help you keep the RO water purifier. keep continue.

Regular Filter Changes

The filter of a RO purifier needs replacement after approximately 3 months. The motive is the contaminants from water block the filters after a short period of time. Not cleaning the water purifier regularly will affect its filtration power and the quality of pure water. If you continue with filters without replacing them, the impurities are shifted to the water you drink. As RO water purifier have at least 3 to 12 stapes of purification, it is vital to list the filter change on a regular basis.

Sediment Filterkent sediment filter, RO Water Purifier Repair - Maintaining RO Water Purifier, water purifier services in udaipur, RO repair service in udaipur

RO water purifiers use many filters to eliminate impurities present in water.  One of the filters used by RO purifier is the sediment filter. Change your sediment filter at least one time in a year. Maintaining your sediment filter helps in staining out sediment, dirt, and slit. It protects dirt from getting to the well RO membranes.

Carbon Filter

You also require to replace the carbon filter one time in a year. Carbon filter eliminates chlorine and other unsafe impurities that affect the life and performance of the RO membrane. The filter also has an impact on the taste the water you drink.  (Source: Home Design With Style)

RO Membrane Replacement

kent RO Membrane, RO Water Purifier Repair - Maintaining RO Water Purifier, water purifier services in udaipur, RO repair service in udaipurRO water purifiers come with a semi-permeable membrane, which allows water to pass through it but filters out all extra contaminants. For best performance, you need to change RO membrane in every 2-3 months. However, remember this timetable is completely based on the quality of water and the household water usage.

Drips And Leakages

In case you observe drips or leakages, don’t forget to get the help of a RO water purifier expert. Leakages in water purifier can generate a lot of problems if you don’t take the right decision. Ask the RO professional to thoroughly check the water purifier to know the reason of the leakage and save the machine from major damage.

Sanitize Your RO Tank

You must need to clean the pipes of the RO system frequently to make sure the water purifier works flawlessly. Sanitizing the RO tank can help you maintain the purifier and keep it in a good state. For finest results, sanitize the RO tank when you change the filters.

Annual Maintenance

To avoid any major problem with the RO purifier, make sure that you contract the help of a water purifier professional to change the filters. Well-known brands such as KENT offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC) which is an easy and convenient way to maintain the appliance life.